Iglesia Ni Cristo Partners With Bureau of Internal Revenue to Implement Innovative ‘Salvation Tax’ System

(Quezon City, Philippines) – At a joint press conference Monday, Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) executive minister Eduardo Manalo and Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) commisioner Romeo Lumagui, Jr. formally announced the implementation of an innovative system through which the BIR will directly deduct a 10% ‘Salvation Tax’ from Iglesia ni Cristo members’ salary every payday.

Photo: Bureau of Internal Revenue building in Intramuros

In what observers dubbed ‘tithing at the source,’ the implementation of the so-called Salvation Tax aims to streamline Iglesia ni Cristo’s tithe collection process to prevent believers from falling into arrears, thereby ensuring the salvation of their souls and expediting their ascent to heaven at the time of their passing.

Initial implementation will cover only Iglesia ni Cristo members earning a monthly income of 100,000 pesos or less, while the more affluent Jesus devotees may directly negotiate with senior INC authorities for safe passage to kingdom come.

Manalo said that partnering with the Philippine government’s highly capable tax collection agency will “bring our tithe collection system to the 21st century” where offerings can be collected in an efficient and timely manner, just as God Almighty intended it to be.

“As we all know, eternal salvation is only available to members of the Iglesia ni Cristo, the one true church,” explained Manalo in Filipino.

“Our divinely inspired Salvation Tax system will ensure that every church member’s place in paradise is secured by paying their sacred duty in a timely manner, which is pleasing to the Lord.”

The Iglesia ni Cristo believer-in-chief further added that when the Salvation Tax system is implemented on January 2024, a specially developed Pasugo App (available for iOS and Android) will be available for download through which church members can track their monthly contributions and periodially check their eligibility in securing a piece of real estate in the afterworld.

For his part, BIR Commisioner Lumagui lauded the Salvation Tax system as a “fast-track to everlasting life” and praised the INC supremo for his “celestial vision” in seeking its implementation.

“Other religious groups and organizations have expressed strong interest in our innovative tithe collection system,” he added, “and many are in the process of monitoring Iglesia ni Cristo’s successful implementation before making a firm commitment.”

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