Our Daughter Is Now a Young Woman. Time For Her to Be Circumcised!

Now is a good time to revive this largely forgotten tradition for a more beautiful, chaste and hygienic Filipina genitalia.

Our daughter has just had her first menstruation, and there’s no better time for her to experience this age-old tradition for beauty, chastity and hygiene!

Female circumcision?!’ you’re probably thinking right now. That’s right, just like young preteen Filipino boys who undergo circumcision, we should bring back this largely forgotten rite of passage for chaste young Filipina women.

This simple and relatively non-invasive procedure involves removing the clitoris and other unsightly parts of the vulva, much like male circumcision removes the head and foreskin from the penis, for a much cleaner look!

Female circumcision is dubbed disparagingly in some parts of the world as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), but I can assure you that it’s nothing of the sort. The genitalia is not being mutilated, it is being molded into something beautiful and hygienic!

This procedure, which is usually performed with unsterilized equipment, is a little painful to be sure especially when done without anesthetic and may entail lots of bleeding, later infections, urinary problems, shock and even death, but the benefits far outweigh the bad points.

Besides, the pain of female circumcision is a timely preparation for young women for the wonderful pain of child-birth, and a lifetime of sacrifice and suffering!

So, exactly why female circumcision? I’m glad you asked!

Upholding tradition

In our family, the girls are circumcised at around the time they get their first menstruation. I had one when I was 12 and so are my female cousins. My mother and aunts and grandmother did the same thing. It’s as traditional as celebrating Christmas.

My daughter will be grateful to share this wonderful tradition that connects her to our extended relations and a very long line of ancestors with missing clitoris.

Beautiful flower

Female genitalia is ugly, there’s no getting around that! Because female circumcision removes the unsightly parts of the genitalia like the labia, and the penis-like clitoris, our nether regions become so much more beautiful!

Think of the time your future husband takes a first look at your cleanly sculptured honey pot. He will appreciate that you had it cut down there!

Cleanliness and hygiene

You don’t know what nasty germs make their home inside the darkness of your nether regions. Cutting off the parts that shield them from cleaning eliminates these organisms that do nothing but give us women diseases and infection.

Also, cleaning our lady parts everyday will become so much easier!

Preserving chastity

Let’s face it, when women start to get their first menstruation, immoral thoughts start to intrude inside their young minds. These thoughts in turn might lead them to touch themselves, or have sexual relations before they are married.

That’s a big no-no because a good Filipina should preserve her virginity for her future husband!

This is why it is highly recommended that in addition to removing the outer parts of the vulva, the clitoris should also be removed, so nothing is left that can be touched down there.

Women empowerment

The ancient origins of female circumcision has been lost to history, but it has been practiced in Southeast Asia even before the arrival of Islam and Christianity. In the present day, our Malaysian and Indonesian sisters are still actively practicing this empowering tradition.

Sadly, the tradition of female circumcision has been largely forgotten or severely neglected by many in the Philippines. As we embrace today’s movement for female empowerment and liberation, why let men get all the benefits of circumcision?

Let’s embrace our indigenous culture and revive this beautiful tradition for all women in the Philippines!

©Kidlat News CC BY-SA 4.0. Teaching FGM materials photo by Jessica Lea/DFID (CC BY-2.0).