Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau Thanks Philippine President Marcos for Regular Supply of High-Grade Filipinos

(Manila, Philippines) – During the telephone conference between the two heads of state Tuesday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lauded the friendly relations between the two countries and thanked President Bongbong Marcos for the Philippine government’s continued cooperation in regularly supplying Canada with high-grade Filipinos.

Photo: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with wife

“In 2022, Canada imported a record 1,200 tons of Filipinos,” said Trudeau according to the transcripts. “At an average of around 80kg each, that adds up to around–let’s see–15,000 individuals, give or take a few.”

“We are happy to report that imported Filipinos of all varieties have been deployed to virtually every section of Canadian society and in every corner of the country. Filipino-Canadians today continue to play a vital part in the dynamic future that Canada is building.”

During the 2021 Census of Population conducted in Canada, almost 800,000 individuals reported they were imported to Canada from the Philippines, making the Southeast Asian country the third largest source of imported individuals in the country behind only India and China.

Industry observers project that Philippine-Canadian trade in Filipinos will steadily increase in the following years and decades, as demand in Canada continues unabated while the Philippines has a large surplus of Filipinos that it is willing to offload for hard cash and investments.

The Philippines controls the world’s supply of Filipinos and produces an average of around 500,000 individuals per year. That is more than enough to satisfy the demands of countries like South Korea, Japan and Australia in Asia, major European economies like the UK and Germany, and Canada and the United States in North America.

Other countries like India and China compete directly with the Philippines in the people-export trade, but they only produce Indians and Chinese, not Filipinos. Filipinos, especially the export-grade varieties, are especially well regarded around the world for such qualities as hardiness, climate-adaptability, disease-resistance and natural fecundity.

Filipinos are a major ingredient in many countries’ industries, including housekeeping, nursing, caregiving, child-birthing, manufacturing, shipbuilding, mining, engineering, information technology, food industry, and in places like South Korea and Japan, schoolchild entertainment performed in English.

President Marcos, for his part, praised Trudeau for his government’s good sense in choosing Filipinos for Canada’s country-building project and promised a stable supply of export-grade individuals for the foreseeable future.

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