Enthusiastic Supporter of Duterte’s War on Drugs Saddened by Civilian Deaths in Israel-Hamas War

(Davao City, Philippines) – Local man Peter Esteban, 46, enthusiastic supporter of ex-president Rodrigo Duterte’s War on Drugs in which human rights groups say as many as 12,000 Filipinos died, today tweeted his profound sadness at the number of deaths in the ongoing Israel-Hamas War.

“As a Roman Catholic I don’t really favor any side in this conflict,” tweeted Esteban, “but my heart goes out to all the innocent civilians–both Israelis and Palestinians–lost in this totally unnecessary bloodshed. I go to church every Sunday and pray that the war would end soon.”

Photo: San Pedro Cathedral in Davao City, where Esteban prays for the end of the Middle East conflict

A proud Davao native and Diehard Duterte Supporter (DDS), Esteban loudly applauded the former president’s War on Drugs even as human rights violations mounted and innocent people were increasingly getting killed.

“Those drug addicts?” Esteban said of the victims of the Philippine drug war. “Fuck them.”

Besides praying for the end of the Middle East war, Esteban also regularly thanks God in his prayers now that the Philippines is finally drug-free.

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