China Accuses the Philippines of Taking Advantage of Free Showers From Chinese Ships in the West Philippine Sea

(Beijing, China) – Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Yize Qu on Monday accused the Philippine government of enabling Filipino marines to take advantage of free showers provided by Chinese Coast Guard ships in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).

Photo: Chinese Coast Guard ships giving Filipinos free showers

“As is well known, Chinese vessels in the South China Sea generously provide free showers to any foreign ship that sails nearby without exception,” said Qu. “This is true for Vietnam and the Philippines as well as other hygiene-challenged Southeast Asian navies. But lately, the Philippines in particular has taken advantage of Chinese generosity and even sail their ships too close to get free showers almost everyday. We call on the Philippines to cease this dangerous and abusive behavior.”

According to Qu, crews of Philippine Navy ships were observed on numerous occasions preparing bottles of body soap and shampoo before sailing close to Chinese vessels in an effort to get free showers. This used to happen about twice or thrice a week in 2023 but increased to almost everyday since 2024 started, added Qu.

“This unprofessional conduct of the Philippine Navy is stretching our resources and patience. In some days, Filipino crews were even seen taking showers from more than one Chinese ship. How many showers in one day do you even need to get clean?”

At the Philippine Defense Ministry press conference in Manila later that day, spokesperson Rey Candungan rebutted Chinese allegations of unprofessional behavior. “While we acknowledge that our marines sometimes take free showers from Chinese ships when they are low on water provisions, that they do it everyday is patently untrue,” Candungan said. “And the alleged bottles of body soap and shampoo are pure inventions of the Chinese side. Our marines use sachets not bottles.”

Candungan also called on the Chinese Coast Guard to spray their shower heads high in the air and refrain from aiming at the crew directly as this might cause them to lose balance while scrubbing their bodies and shampooing their hair.

©Kidlat News CC BY-SA 4.0. Chinese Coast Guard ships giving Filipinos free shower photo from Philippine Coast Guard via Radio Free Asia (Public Domain).