Kidlat News: satisfactory news reportage from the Philippines

Kidlat News is a lightweight, low-bandwidth, text-only website featuring independent news reportage from the Philippines, covering stories often overlooked by the mainstream media.

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Lightning fast

Kidlat News started out as an experiment to see whether we could build a viable image-free website.

True to its minimalist roots, Kidlat News articles contain no photos or videos, only text. Where photos or videos are needed, they are indicated with links, not embedded into the articles.

Kidlat News pages, therefore, should render blisteringly fast. No waiting around to read our highly-relevant, slightly out-of-date stories.

Table: Performance grades of selected Philippine news sites

As measured by Pingdom on October 22, 2023 at around 7AM. Performance grade 100 is highest.

News Site Page Size Load Time Grade
Kidlat News 6.9kb 0.65s 99
Manila Times 4,300kb 1.39s 81
Rappler 4,200kb 1.55s 67
Inquirer 11,300kb 4.16s 63

As can be seen above, Kidlat News’ home page is 1,600 times smaller than Inquirer’s, and loads in just over half a second.

Other text-only websites

Kidlat News is a member of 1MB Club, 512KB Club and 250KB Club, collections of lightweight, performance-focused webpages from across the Internet that no one actually visits. Listed in GreyCoder’s A List Of Text-Only News Sites.

Other text-only news sites that we check from time to time are CNN Lite, NPR Text, CSM Text, PBS Lite and CBC Lite.

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Kidlat News is satire

Satire is protected speech.

Except for public figures, all names are fictitious, and any similarity to actual individuals is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Satire is not fake news–says our cat Lucy.

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